High Speed Machine (above 8,500 r.p.m.) is recommended for operating these drills. All size of the drills can be fitted in Angle Grinder or hand /fixed Drill Machine as required.
We manufacture aforesaid drills in all the dia., varying from 12mm to 50mm. Normally, the shank length of the drills are 50mm (i.e. for hole depth upto 50mm) which can even be increased as per individual requirement (i.e. 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, etc.).



* Smaller size Core Drills - For making holes in walls, stair case & roofs for fasteners & Electric fitting, gas pipe hole in kitchen slab etc. These are the general purpose and high production drills used by the Contractors in building construction on a variety of masonry materials with exceptional tool life & low cost per hole.


* Bigger size Core Drills - Used for making holes in Granite, Marble, Sand Stone & Concrete etc. in different dia. & length.


* Core Drills for extracting the samples from Concrete works - Specially manufactured for drilling a wide range of critically hard materials like concrete with hard aggregates and medium to-heavy steel reinforcing, also for brick & block masonry to extract the samples of required dia. & depth from different Civil Engineering structures.


The size varying from 3" (75mm) to 6" (150mm) and also in bigger sizes are being manufactured with the provision of built-in thread adopters, extra length at open end as per the drilling depth requirements. Special size drills are also manufactured for specific works.

Provides fast penetration speed, enhanced bit life and minimum cost per hole. Widely used in vertical core drilling for Hand-pumps & underground horizontal core drilling for laying the pipeline & cables etc. across the roads and other utilities.


We are manufacturing 4" (100mm ) to 40" (1000mm) diamond segmented circular saws. The concrete saw blades are developed for individual requirements for concrete mix and Asphalt cutting.


Diamond Segmented Circular Saws are made with the best quality manufactured diamond, which is tailored to suit each cutting application and is cost effective in the bond system. The bonds are designed matching diamond with bond wear rates. The diamond and bond quality are matched as per application depending on stone hardness/wear pattern for Granite, Marble & Sand Stone etc. We are manufacturing 4" (100mm) to 40" (1000mm) segmented circular saws as specified hereunder:
STONES: Granite (Red & Black), Marble (Green, Pink, White etc.), Lime Stone, Sand Stone & Synthetic Stone etc.
OTHER MATERIALS: Asbestos cement, Fiber glass, Slates etc.


Segmented & continuous cup wheels are available in following sizes: 4", 6".


Segment set 4" to 40" size and above for circular saws, pearls for wire saws, core drilling bits, calibration, polishing & moulding segments etc.



Moulding Blades are designed to make different moulding works from the architectural point of view at the edges of Granite, Marble & Sand Stone etc. for the decoration of Kitchen slabs, Table tops, Stairs (Nosing), Cornices, Parapets & Monuments etc. Moulding blades of various profiles are available. Client has to provide the design of moulding blades with Technical parameters like diameter, width, tapered-flat step & radius (concavity & convexity) etc. as per his requirement.Water cooling holes are provided in the moulding blades.



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